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How to Think Creatively and Deeply - April 6, 2014 - The topic of creative thinking is a perennial favorite of the visitors to this website. It is one of my own favorites as well. Add to this the deeper aspects of thinking and we arrive at the first entry in this tutorial on how to think more creatively... To have deeply creative ideas, you have to get at the roots of things. One way to do this is to think like a child. Have you ever seen a child ask a question, and then follow every answer with another question? It might start with... Continue reading here...

Psychological Manipulation Using Cognitive Dissonance - March 23, 2014 - We all try to be consistent with what we think we should be, and what we believe or say. When faced with possible inconsistency, we experience what psychologists call "cognitive dissonance," which is the stress resulting from holding two... Continue reading here...

Human Intelligence: News and Commentary - March 16, 2014 - I like to poke around the internet to see what mind-related research has been done recently. Here are a few items I found. I offer my own thoughts and opinions at the end of each short report. Feel free to send me your angry emails for my reporting on... Continue reading here...

Alter the Environment - We go through life largely on automatic, responding in habitual ways to familiar cues around us. To break out of this "sleep walking life" and have new creative ideas, it can help to get away from our familiar surroundings. Go up on roof to write that story, or sit by a stream with a notepad to formulate new business plans. Change your environment to refresh your thinking.

Proper Posture - Your posture affects your thinking process, which you can prove to yourself. First try doing math in your head while slouching in your chair, looking at the floor and letting your mouth hang open wide. Afterwards, try mental math while sitting up straight, keeping your mouth closed and looking forward or slightly up. You'll see that it's easier to think this way. So when you need to concentrate, close your mouth and sit up straight.

Brain Nutrition

Brain Foods - Those to use and those to avoid.

Brain Pills Test - Some self-experimentation.

Does Ginkgo Biloba Work - The evidence and our reporting criteria.

DHA and Folic Acid for Brain Power - Some notes and evidence.

Creatine for Boosting Brainpower - The research and the dosage.

Mind Power

How to Think Creatively and Deeply - A half-dozen or more techniques.

A Few More Mind Tricks - Influence others and your own mind.

Applying What We Learn - Here's how to make it a habit.

The Metaphorical Life - An excerpt from Sky Child.

Guided Meditation - This is how to make your own.

How to Use New Perspectives - Think more creatively!

Challenge Your Assumptions - A powerful technique for creative thinking.

What is Radical Thinking? - How to think more deeply and creatively.

Your Quick Thinking Subconscious Mind - The good and the bad.

Subconscious Influence - A look at some recent research.

Subliminal Techniques - A short explanation and a few you can try today.

Self-Observation - Why it matters to mind power and in life.

Intelligence Quotient

How to Increase IQ - Some basic steps for increasing your intelligence.

Increase Your IQ? - Is it really that important?

Average IQ by Country - Should it even be measured in this way?

Above Average IQ Score - A how-to guide.

Improve IQ - A list of 17 ways to boost that score.

IQ Scale - A bit of history and an explanation.

Neurobics - What these exercises are and how they help.


Benefits of Meditation - There are more than you think.

Best Meditation CD? - Our experience with several different products.

Best Meditation Music? - The science says...

Mental Training

Brain Exercises - A few simple ones to do today.

Memory Tricks and Techniques - Several easy-to-learn ones.

Brain Training Exercises - The research shows limited effects, but...

Effective Learning Using Imagination - A few methods that work.

Neurobic Exercises - Some good ones.

Mental Math - How to add, subtract, multiply and divide in your head.

Mental Exercise - What does mental exercise do for your brain?

Creativity | Problem Solving

Sleep for Creative Solutions - Research on using sleep for a creative boost.

Everyday Creativity - Three ways to think more creatively.

Notes on Creative Insight - What gets in the way of that flash of inspiration?

Unlock Your Creativity - Numerous techniques are explored.

A Creativity Test - What should be on it?

Thinking Outside the Box - How to do it.

Lateral Thinking Examples - Realistic scenarios to test your skills.


Memory Exercises - A few simple ones you can try right now.

Easiest Memory System? - This just might fit the description.

Riddles and Puzzles

Riddles and Puzzles - The master index for all pages of puzzles and such.

Hard Riddles - Some of the tough ones...

Six Short Funny Riddles - A smile and a mental workout.

How to Find Riddle Answers - Basic techniques.

Difficult Riddles - Another collection of tough ones.

More Word Association Riddles - And an explanation...

Research News

Human Intelligence - Some science in the news along with commentary.

Animal Intelligence - Is it like that of humans?

Nuanced Thinking - The gender differences.

Physical Exercise and the Brain - The research has a few surprises...

Brain Reports Roundup - Latest articles and research.

Brain-Related Research - Spiritual brain damage and more...

Brainpower News and Info - A collection of short reports.

Gender-Based Brain Differences - Which are innate; which from culture?

What Are Transcendent Experiences? - Research and speculation.

Increase Your Intelligence - The research and some tips.

Latest Creativity Research - Is anger good for creativity?

Body and Mind Research - Some recent experiments are reported.

Other Pages

Psychological Manipulation Using Cognitive Dissonance - Recognizing the techniques.

Mental Energy - This technique will boost it.

Brainpower Tips - Including a few for immediate results.

Age-Related Cognitive Decline - See how you can slow it down.

A New Consciousness - Can it be achieved this week?

The Effects of Words - Fascinating research and speculation.

Experimenting on Yourself - Safely, of course; some ideas.

Chess and Life - And how we think...

How Smart Are You - Be careful how you answer this question...

Too Smart for Your Own Good? - Find out how to solve this problem.

Famous High School Dropouts - Wait till you see who is on this list.

Philosophical Quotes - Chosen for their ability to stimulate serious thought.

Thought Provoking Questions - From science to morality and creativity.

Fear and the Brain - Thinking stops--but you can learn to change that.

Mindfulness Exercises - Clear mind = effective thinking.

What is Humor? - Some theories and their flaws.

Increase Your Brain Power - Using simple low-cost tools.

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Best Meditation CDs -

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