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Is it possible to read something and have a better life? Why not try it right now? Read any of the pages below and apply what you learn. Things I've read have improved my life more times than I can count. Maybe you've had the same experience. That's what this new section is about. The website is about brainpower and how to increase it, but this section is about applying it to create a better life.

Watch for frequent updates here. New pages will be added to the top of the list, so you can find them easily. Don't just read them and forget them though. The key to a better life is to apply what you learn. Here are the pages...

Two Easy Meditation Techniques - Try them today for stress reduction and more.

The Intelligence of Self Observation - Seeing how your own mind gets in your way...

Self Awareness - Part two of The Intelligence Of Self Observation.

The Effects of Stress on Brainpower - Brain damage is possible...

In Other Words - Choose your words wisely...

The Art of Thinking - How to think better.

How to Have Good Luck - There is a science to this...

Mindfulness for Better Brainpower - The latest research and some speculation.

The Power of Intention? - Does it work?

A Decision Making Process - Try this when you aren't sure what to do.

Human Error - Common thinking errors to avoid.

Self Talk - How you explain things to yourself matters.

Energy Boosters - More energy equals more brainpower.

Personal Goal Setting - Are they just wishes, or do your goals have these characteristics?

Inspirational Thought for the Day - It's a simple one, but profound in its implications.

Motivational Thoughts - Be the master of your own motivation with powerful thoughts.

Words of Inspiration - How inspiring quotes help us.

Self Knowledge - It isn't self-explanation.

Motivational Sayings - Pondering great thoughts is like installing more useful programming in your brain.

Self Discipline - The key to self discipline isn't trying harder, but in trying smarter. Install some more efficient programming in your mind. When you learn to do that, life gets easier.

The Worst Bad Habit - Do you have it? What can you do to break it?

Good Luck - It isn't what you think. Here is one way to use your brainpower to cultivate luck.

Bad Habits - How many of these six bad habits do you have, and what you can do to break them?

Self Motivation - ix simple techniques you can use right now to motivate yourself towards a better life.

A Probability Lesson - Math matters in life. Can you answer this simple probability question?

The Many Benefits of Meditation - Why should you consider meditation and how do you meditate?

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