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Boost Your Brain Power by Writing

You can boost your brain power by writing because to write is to learn, and to think. Have you ever noticed how much clearer an argument or opinion becomes to you once you express it? Talking or writing forces you to communicate, but not just to the other person. In the process of putting thoughts into words, you are telling yourself the logic behind what you "felt" or what you only partly understood. Actually, you are often bringing yourself to that understanding, or at least a better one. In other words, you can boost your brain power by exercising your "explain power."

Want to prove this to yourself? Choose an opinion you have about anything. Consider for a moment how clear this is in your mind. Now get into a discussion with somebody, and explain why you have the opinion you do. Afterwards, don't you understand the issue even better? Now argue the opposite side, and do so convincingly. You have an even fuller understanding now, don't you?

The same is true if you write your thoughts down, and you don't need another person. This is a sure way to boost your brain power because when your knowledge is organized clearly in your mind, you can access it and apply it quickly and effectively. Journal writing may be the simplest way to do this. Regularly write about whatever it is you want to understand. Did you learn a new way to motivate your children? Write down how and why it works, and you'll be training your mind to remember and use this knowledge.

Want to understand a topic? Write a book about it. That's an extreme example, but if you are learning something new, you can write a letter to a friend about it, and you will understand it better. Want to invent a new product? Write a explanation of the problem it will solve, some possible approaches, and anything else you can think of. Do this, and you're half-way there.

Writers don't always write because they understand something beforehand. Often, they write about something because they want to understand it. The process itself is what brings about their understanding. Boost your mental powers by writing. Give it a try.

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