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It might seem that some people are born with good luck, meaning they have some special power that causes them to be luckier than others. In fact, I received an e-mail from a man who bought my book, "Secrets of Lucky People, and wanted to know if I believed in what he called "raw luck." If you are interested I posted my response to him on my site Good Luck Secrets, on the page, Raw Luck - Does it Exist?

But I later thought of another way - a better way, perhaps - to explain why some people appear to be born lucky, which I present here.

Imagine that 80,000 investment advisers are asked to predict whether the stock market will be higher or lower in a year. Let's also assume that are all idiots who know nothing about stocks or the reasons they go up and down, so they just guess and make up reasons for their guesses. Half say the market will be higher, and half say lower. We know that half will be right in a year. Now, what if we ask those 40,000 who were correct to guess again, and again half predict one way and half the other? In another year 20,000 will have been right for two consecutive guesses. Notice that this is true even if they all just flipped a coin to make their guess.

Suppose we continue in this way, having those who were right guess again each year. After eight years there will still be 312 investment advisors who correctly predicted the direction of the market every single year for eight years in-a-row. We could call them brilliant, or if we knew that they did it by flipping a coin each year - which would have worked - we could imagine that they were born lucky. But we can see that it is just a result of the probabilities when we lay it out this way.

Now if a few thousand people flipping a coin or otherwise randomly guessing about the direction of the stock market can result in hundreds of "lucky" individuals who get eight consecutive guesses correct, what does that say about those who we perceive as being born lucky? It seems clear that just by random chance some will have to appear to have some special powers of good fortune.

In fact, given the billions of people on Earth, sheer chance says that some will have a lifetime of good luck for no reason other than the normal play of probabilities. But just like the investment advisers who were right for eight years, there is no reason to suspect that such "lucky people" are born with some special blessing. In the case of those investment advisors who seemed lucky, half will guess wrong in year nine - the same percentage that any other group of people would achieve.

But even though being born lucky - having some inherent power or attribute - seems unlikely, and has not been proven to exist, there are those who have more of what we call good luck. They are those who think and act in certain ways that throw the odds in their favor. That gets us back to my book, which you can order on Amazon using the link below.

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