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A Short Brainpower Quiz

Think you know a bit about the brain and how it works? See how you do on this brainpower quiz.

1. How much of a person's blood supply does the average brain use?

A) 5% B) 20% C) 50%

2. The cerebellum is needed to:

A) Regulate body temperature. B) Recognize faces. C) Maintain posture.

3. The number of neurons in the average brain is closest to:

A) 100 Million. B) One billion. C) 100 billion.

4. What percentage of the oxygen you take in is used by your brain?

A) 20% B) 5% C. 50%

5. True or False: Intelligence quotient (IQ) is determined at birth or in early childhood, and can't be increased later in life.

6. What animal has the largest brain in relation to body size?

A) An elephant. B) A human. C) A cat.

7. Number of neocortical neurons lost each day:

A) 8,500 B) 85,000 C) 1,000,000

8. Albert Einstein's brain was:

A) Larger than the average human brain. B) Smaller than average. C) About average.

9. True or False: The number of neurons in the brain is set by early childhood, and declines throughout life.

10. The number of miles of blood vessels in the brain is:

A) 10 miles. B) 1,000 miles. C) 100,000 miles.

Use the link here for the Brainpower Quiz Solutions.

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