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For all children, education starts before they enter school. They learn from everything and everyone around them. Hopefully most parents don't think that this process ends or that their role in it ends once the kids are in the classroom.

Children simply can't learn everything they need to know in school, and many things they can learn are not taught in our current educational system. With that in mind, I have put together this section of the website for those parents who want to encourage further development of their children's education and brainpower. The following pages should help, and more will be added in time.

Children and Education - The Pages

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Brain Foods - This page wasn't specifically written with children in mind, but since parents do control what their kids eat (or can), this is a good place to start. What a child eats definitely affects his or her brainpower and educational progress.

Children and Books - This article by Sarah Holt lays out why books are so good for children and how to encourage kids to pick them up and read them.

Code Breaking - This is a fun page for older kids. It explains basic code-breaking skills in a simple way. Learning to decipher a code is great mental exercise, and shows a child how to systematically analyze things. There are also links to other pages on ciphers and secret codes.

The Benefits of Music Education - How does learning about music help a child. Find out in this article by Sarah Holt.

Advantages of Bilingual Education - Another article by Sarah Holt.

Making Books With Children - Sarah show you how to make books with the kids, a great way to get them interested in books and reading.

Reading to Children - Ten great tips from Sarah Holt.

Six Easy Riddles - Some good brain exercise for children.

Kid's Jokes | Kid's Riddles - Ten good ones for kids of all ages.

Of course, many of the regular pages, though not written to specifically address the issues of children and education, are very relevant to the topic. You can find a complete listing of all pages on the site map.

Be sure to check back here for more pages on children, brainpower and education. New pages will also be announced in the Brainpower Newsletter. (You can subscribe on the homepage or there might be a form in the sidebar on this page.)

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