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A List of Famous People with Learning Disabilities

There are many famous people who have had learning disabilities. The reason for the following list is to demonstrate that these so-called disabilities (the concept is somewhat subjective, to say the least) don't have to prevent you from developing your brain power. Albert Einstein is on this list, and clearly he had something to contribute to science despite his problems. Billionaire Richard Branson says he still couldn't read at age eight, yet went on to found Virgin Airlines and many other businesses. So don't get too discouraged if you have a few problems learning.

Some People with Learning Disabilities

(Or Attention Deficit Disorder)

Albert Einstein
Nelson Rockefeller
Thomas Edison
Sylvester Stallone
Gen. George Patton
Wright Brothers
Leonardo da Vinci
John F. Kennedy
Whoopi Goldberg
Bruce Jenner
Gen. Westmoreland
Tom Cruise
Eddie Rickenbacker
Charles Schwab
Henry Winkler
Harry Belafonte
Danny Glover
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Walt Disney
John Lennon
Robin Williams
Steve McQueen
Greg Louganis
Louis Pasteur

Of course, not all these famous people have been officially diagnosed with learning disabilities, but they have exhibited many of the signs of ADD, ADHD & LD. The world famous author John Irving tells us, "The diagnosis of dyslexia wasn't available in the late fifties - bad spelling like mine was considered a psychological problem by the language therapist who evaluated my mysterious case. When the repeated courses of language therapy were judged to have had no discernible influence on me, I was turned over to the school psychiatrist."

Woodrow Wilson, the American scholar, statesman, and 28th president of the U.S.A, couldn't read until he was ten-years-old. Actor Anthony Hopkins thought he was a "moron," as a child, because he was so hopeless in school. Jack Horner, the model for the renegade paleontologist Allen Grant in 'Jurassic Park', is now the curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana and also a professor at Montana State University. He has found more fossils, pioneered more innovative technologies and postulated more theories about dinosaurs than anyone else, and yet doesn't have a University degree, having flunked out of college seven times.

More Famous People with Learning Problems

Agatha Christie
Hans Christian Andersen
Auguste Rodin
Walt Disney
Winston Churchill
Jackie Stewart
George C. Scott
Winston Churchill
Werner von Braun
Tom Smothers
Henry Ford
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Suzanne Somers
Robert Kennedy
Lindsay Wagner
Jules Verne
George Bernard Shaw
Alexander Graham Bell
Magic Johnson
Woodrow Wilson
Carl Lewis

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