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Secrets of Lucky People

Make Today Your Lucky Day!

What is good luck? Does it exist? Whatever we call it, don't you agree that some people have more good things happen to them? Well, if you want to be one of these lucky people, You're in the right place. You can now discover why some people have more luck than others and become one of them.

The Lucky Guy

I found a little out-of-print book on luck 20 years ago, and although. I can't recall the title, I took notes, applied what I learned, and I've been known as a lucky guy ever since.

Friends tell me, "You're so lucky!" And I am! I've never had money problems, for example. I'm writing this in my underwear right now, in fact. I make a living writing about subjects I'm interested in. I do work hard, and I've had jobs I didn't like but I'm 45 and I've never worked a full time job for more than a few weeks. I'm married to a beautiful, loving woman and we travel several times a year.

Some people do have more good things happen in their lives. Would you like to be one of them? Then get a copy of "Secrets Of Lucky People," and apply the lessons. - Steve Gillman

Even a quick reading of Secrets of Lucky People can make you luckier. As explained in "The Prospector's Reticular Cortex," (Chapter 9) just buying the book may bring you more luck. But for maximum results do the exercises and apply the lessons to your life (I'll tell you more about those exercises in a moment).

Important Note

The book is no longer available here, but you might still find it on the following website:

What Will You Find?

This is an ebook, but also a true course on how to have more good luck in life. An important principle of good luck is covered in each chapter. Serious scientific research done on lucky people is looked at. Stories of good luck are found throughout the book, many of them true accounts, others to illustrate a point. They demonstrate principles of luck in action, and make the lesson "stick.".

The "luck exercises," at the end of each chapter will really change your thinking. There are 40 of them, and they're designed to get you thinking like lucky people. "Luck work" like this can produce noticeable results almost immediately.

What else?

How would you like to have a money-making business given to you for free? In Chapter 3 of "Secrets Of Lucky People," I'll tell you how it happened to a couple I know, why they were so lucky, and how you can apply the lesson to your own life.

A man won over $80,000 playing roulette in a casino where I used to work years ago, and I met with him later, to get his secret. You'll get the whole story in Chapter Ten (This one is a fun read, but casinos are getting tougher to beat, so don't count on replicating his success).

Comments from readers:

"Thanks! I bought the “Luck” book... very good!" - Dennis J

"Gillman not only gives examples of how you can enhance your luck, but shows examples of how he has paved a lucky path for himself. Charming anecdotes, real-world examples and life stories make this a fast, fun read that will have you feeling luckier with each turn of the page." - Charlotte S (from a review on

"The research gathered here is just fascinating." - Ana B

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading (Secrets of Lucky People). I really like your style of writing and the way you explain things." - Diane J

Money For Nothing?

I was at a seminar once when the speaker asked "Who wants a hundred dollar bill?" A few of us put up our hands, while some just laughed, thinking it was a joke. The speaker took a bill from his pocket and asked who would come to the stage to take it from him. There were hundreds in the audience, but only a few stepped forward. He handed the bill to the first person to approach the stage.

There is an important lesson to be learned here as I'll explain in Chapter One. There is also an exercise you can do to create luck. Chapter one also has the true story of a jerk who got dates with the prettiest girls, and you'll discover his secret as well.

Opportunity is Knocking - Answer the Door!

For more good luck you have to take advantage of great opportunities more often. This this book is one such opportunity. If you don't agree, you can get your money back, so don't miss out.


  • Magician David Copperfield become the youngest person ever accepted into the Society Of American Magicians using the luck secret explained in Chapter Four.

  • Why did 3% of Yale graduates who did this one thing end up with more wealth than the other 97% put together? In Chapter Twenty-nine you'll discover this secret.

  • When preparation meets opportunity luck happens. How do you prepare for luck and find opportunities? Chapter Three shows you the specific steps necessary.

  • The "Surname Experiment" demonstrated something about lucky people, a secret revealed in Chapter Five.

  • How you look at things determines whether you'll have good luck or not? You bet! And Chapter Nine has two easy exercises that will change your perspective to a luckier one.

  • Secrets of lucky poker players can be found in Chapter Twenty-Six.

  • Research shows that lucky people are more likely than others to make good decisions based on intuitive hunches. Chapter 12 will show you how to develop your intuition.

  • Chapter 13 has a great true story about how billionaire Richard Branson once turned bad luck into good luck, and you'll see how you can do it too.

  • Worry and stress often prevent good luck, but you can overcome them using the lessons in Chapter fourteen.

  • Donald Trump considers himself a "tough optimist.". Find out what that is in Chapter Sixteen, and see why this approach works so well.

  • "Useful lies" are powerful ways to program your mind, as you'll discover in Chapter Seventeen.

  • Use creativity and non-conformity to have more luck - and Chapter Eighteen has a lottery example.

  • Flip 14 houses for a profit in one year working just 30 hours per week? In Chapter Twenty-one you'll find the luck principle one investor used to do that.

  • "Go with the flow" or "take control?" Read Chapter Twenty-two for the answer.

  • Chapter Twenty-three reveals one reason President Ronald Reagan was such a lucky person.

  • Who said, "I never did a day's work in my life"? Find out in Chapter Twenty-four, and put this principle to work to have fun in business.

  • Friends or acquaintances - which bring more luck to you? Chapter Five tells you about the research.

  • More accurate basketball free throws without lifting a ball? Chapter Twenty-eight has the fascinating research. Apply the technique to your own goals.

  • People cause their own bad luck? Yes, and you'll see how in Chapters Thirty-one and Thirty-two.

  • There are two categories of people who can't improve their luck according to one "luck professor." Read Chapter Thirty-two to see if you are in one of them - and how to get out of these unlucky categories.

  • Think you need special advantages? Chapter Twenty tells the true story of a man who couldn't read or write, but made millions anyhow. Whatever special advantages lucky people do have can be yours too with the lesson in Secrets of Lucky People.

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A Special Report

My ebook Problem Solving Power has been selling separately for years, and everyone likes this book. It has powerful lessons on how to creatively solve problems of every sort, and how to have new ideas any time you want. Order Secrets of Lucky People today and it's yours at no extra cost.


Would you like to have more good luck? Then why not order now? There is more than random chance in this word, and you can use the powerful secrets of lucky people to prove it to yourself. Friends will soon be asking "Why are you so lucky?" (And when they do, tell them about the book. - Thank you.)

Apply these lessons starting today to get lucky in love, make more money or yes, even to catch more catfish. No guarantees on results, but if you're not satisfied, you get your money back, so there is no risk.

Important Note

The book is no longer available here, but you might still find it on the following website:

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