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This is another in my series of pages with questions from subscribers to The Mind Power Report. This one is mostly about how to improve brainpower in general. There are also a couple questions about the newsletter itself and the website.

Q: I sleep with the cell phone underneath my pillow to avoid waking all the people in the house. Is it damaging to the brain?

A: There is little evidence of damage to the brain from cell phones, but I did read about a study that showed they can disrupt sleep. You might want to turn it off for the night unless you are waiting for an important call. Alternately, place the phone away from the bed, since the sleep disruption seemed to come from having cell phones too close to one's head.

Q: I take hour-long naps and they seem to help me concentrate better afterwards. Is that too long?

A: Most studies show that naps of 30 minutes or less work best, but if an hour works for you stick with it. Research reports on averages, but we are each unique in some ways.

Q: Is it true that Almonds are good for concentration?

A: I've heard that many times but have not found a study that has verified it. I suspect that since many people have nutritional deficiencies of one sort or another certain foods that correct these may help those people with their concentration and brainpower in general, even if they do not help those who don't have those deficiencies. In any case, Almonds have a lot of Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus, and are good for you, so it is probably worth experimenting with them to see if they help with concentration. If I read about any studies done on them in regards to brain function I'll report on them in the newsletter.

Q: I like your newsletter and articles, but why do you have so many grammatical errors?

A: I will probably always have spelling and grammar errors. I write at least a thousand pages a year for my sites and so don't have time to be too careful (and my page maker has a poor spell checker that catches most spelling mistakes but misses grammatical errors). I'm glad that you like the articles anyhow.

Q: I there a single page where I can order several of you books at once instead of having to buy one at a time from different pages?

A: I advertise my own books and others in the newsletter one or two at a time. I sell them through ClickBank so I don't have to personally deal with credit cards, etc (they take Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and more). Unfortunately this means I don't have a shopping cart for buying multiple books at once. That may be an option in the future, but I also have a dozen ebooks on subjects that are not related to brainpower (most are at, so it has been easiest for me to just let ClickBank process orders one at a time so far.

Q: I recently took an IQ test in English, but I am originally from Mexico. Do you think that is better to take that IQ test in your maternal language or it doesn't really matter which language you take the test?

A: The test would have to be more accurate in whichever language you are most fluent in, since some of the questions will always be based on language and common cultural knowledge. But it would be interesting to see what the difference in score was between the two if you took it in both English and Spanish.

Q: Have you tried the Einstein CD? How do you know if it works or not?

A: I haven't tried that CD (I have tried five or six brainwave entrainment products meant for meditation and found them to be very relaxing and refreshing), so I don't know if it works. I have probably tried about a third of the things that I advertise, but in any case I stick to products that offer a money-back guarantee so the risk is minimal. I do stop promoting any product if I get a few negative reviews from subscribers, and nobody has complained about this one yet. Sorry I can't tell you more (and please let me know what your experience is if you try it).

Q: How can I improve my brainpower?

A: Exercise has been shown to speed up thinking and improve accuracy on tests for a while afterward. Ten minutes of aerobic exercise - walking, swimming, bicycling - was used in the research I have read about. Some plant extracts, like vinpocetine (from the periwinkle plant), seem to help. Regular mental exercise definitely helps (I prefer to get it from productive activities more than from games or puzzles). You can find all the pages of the website listed here: The box near the top of that page has links to the newsletter archives as well. I hope that helps.

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