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Is It Important to Increase Your IQ?

Perhaps you think it would be great to increase your intelligence, or at least your IQ score. There are certainly ways to accomplish these goals (the latter being easier than the former). If you want to increase your basic intelligence it's best to start when you are young. Studies have shown that musical education can raise IQ scores in young children, for example. Later in life intelligence gains have been noted from brain exercises, better diet, and regular activities involving hand-eye coordination.

On the other hand, is it worth the effort to increase your IQ score by a few points? Maybe… or perhaps not. It 's unlikely that you'll have any negative effects from having higher intelligence, and there certainly can be positive effects. But that doesn't answer the question. After all, there is a cost in time and effort, and you might get more from putting your time and effort in another direction.

Specifically, what if instead of putting your time and effort into trying to increase your raw intelligence, you put it into thinking in new and better ways? That doesn't require a higher IQ, and you can do this starting right now.

Exactly what do you think you would get from a higher IQ score in any case? Do you think you would make better decisions in life? Certainly you can learn to do that without more basic intelligence than you have, and if you think about it there are some really smart people out their who make dumb decisions all the time.

Perhaps you think greater intelligence would impress people? If that is your goal, there are many tricks to impress people--and many of which others of very average IQ scores excel. Why not just learn those techniques if you want others to think of you in a certain way (or even better: stop trying to get your sense of identity from other people's opinions of you).

Do you think you could solve problems better if you increase your IQ, or be more creative? There is no proven correlation (let alone cause and effect) between increasing one's IQ and increasing one's creativity. And there are simple techniques for solving problems that anyone can learn to use. There are many books that can teach you how to have a hundred creative new ideas and solutions to problems in one long afternoon. I know--I've written one of them.

A brain that has more computing capacity won't help you make money nearly as much as learning the specific principles involved in smart business and investing. It won't help you have better relationships or win the lottery either.

Imagine replacing the hard drive, memory and processor in a computer with the best new versions, but not replacing the crappy old operating system. Replacing a 160 GB hard drive with one that is 1,000 GB might make a computer theoretically more powerful, but what do you think you could do with this "improved" computer if it still had a 1981 MS-DOS operating system in it? You see, your brain is already far more powerful than that 1,000 GB hard drive, so although it might be nice to increase your IQ, upgrading your operating system is of more importance.

Note: I have pages on what the research says about how to increase your intelligence, and pages on how to boost your IQ score right now. I also report on related topics in The Mind Power Report regularly.

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