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Making Books With Children

By Sarah Holt

Making books with children is easy with these 5 simple tips.

1. Use Fun Papers & Supplies

Grab paper in different colors and textures. As a general rule, the thicker the paper the better, since this will hold up better against rips and wrinkles. Other fun supplies to have on hand are stickers, colored pencils, glitter glue, foam cut-outs, or stencils. Making books with children is guaranteed to be fun if they get to pick out their favorite colors and supplies, so involve them in the process and the whole family will have an enjoyable time.

2. Make Different Types of Books

There are many different types of books that children may enjoy making. These include fictional stories, biographical accounts, letters, poetry, or yearbooks. For fictional accounts get as creative as desired by the child. Biographical accounts can center around things such as vacations, family histories, or any event the child deems significant. Poetry is a fun way to compile a book, where different types of poems and different subjects can be utilized. Yearbooks are a fun way for children to record events and details from the previous year. All types of books are fun to share with friends and family. They also make great presents.

3. Have Fun with Decorating

Making books with children is a great way to bring out their creativity. Using cheap decorating items can help with this. One way to decorate is to use cookie cutters to trace shapes, including things like letters or animals, then coloring them in. Another way is to cut out felt or fabric into shapes and then glue them onto the page to make a picture. Ribbons can be used to outline pages. Finally, it can be great fun to add relevant photographs to the pages, both for nonfiction and fiction works.

4. Bind Them

There are many ways to bind books together. One of the simplest is to punch holes in the pages and tie together with yarn. Instead of yarn, metal rings can be used that are found at office supply stores and relatively inexpensive. Another option is to put them into a 3-ring binder and decorate the cover and back of it. Staples can be used for binding, but only when the book is thin enough so that it wont fall apart. When looking for a sturdier option, many office supply stores offer spiral binding for a reasonable fee.

5. Share Your Books

It's fun to make books with children, but the best part can be sharing the finished product. Put them on coffee tables, wrap them for presents, or let them bring them for show-and-tell. Then sit back and watch as their faces light up.

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