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Why Use a Meditation MP3?

What is the primary advantage of a meditation MP3 over a CD? Portability. I loved my brainwave entrainment CDs the first time I tried them. I had a few unusual, interesting and pleasant experiences, but they were primarily just a great way to meditate. (If you haven't tried audios that use brainwave entrainment technologies, you should. They provide the easiest way I know of to meditate.) I even use them for "power naps." But once I bought my first MP3 player and loaded one of the meditation tracks onto it, I realized how limiting the regular CDs were.

Suddenly I could load up on my meditation recordings and walk in the hills near the house. What a great experience! I could sit under a tree and be quickly brought into a meditative state, and when I opened my eyes again everything looked more real - a common experience with deep meditation. I also could stand or walk while listening, so I didn't fall asleep (sometimes a problem - these types of recordings have powerful effects on the brain). Portability is a big advantage.

A Walking Meditation With an MP3

Here's a simple "walking meditation" you can do using your MP3. Load a good brainwave entrainment audio into your player and take a walk. It should be an uncrowded setting, and preferably along a level trail or sidewalk, so you don't have to concentrate on the terrain. If there is a trail along a river in the area, or a quiet park nearby, these work well. Walk for a couple minutes before turning on the player.

Keep a relaxed pace while listening, and breath through your nose if possible. Things may look different as you get into a deeper state of consciousness, because your meditative state helps you stop or slow a lot of the internal chatter that normally tells you what you are looking at. You effectively see with "new eyes," or without the interference of thought. More self awareness is common too. You may notice the workings of your body and the thoughts which typically lay just below consciousness.

Afterwards you'll probably find that you can think more clearly (that's my experience). This might be a good time to work on any important tasks that require your concentration. In any case, this is a great way to use meditation MP3 recordings.

Making Meditation MP3s

You can buy downloads for your MP3 that use brainwave entrainment. But if you already have meditation CDs, you can use the basic Windows Media Player on most newer computers to rip those tracks from your discs and then burn them onto your MP3 player. It isn't too complicated (I managed to figure it out, and I have a tough time with computer technology).

Another option is to make your own recordings from scratch. My wife and I tried this with some expensive software we bought for the purpose. We created several meditation recordings which were embedded with "binaural beats." They could be put onto CDs or MP3s or listened to on the computer. They worked, but I can't say I recommend this unless you really like playing with the technology. What we produced was definitely lower in quality than the brainwave entrainment products we've bought.

If you decide to simply buy the downloads (or CDs) my current recommendation is in the sidebar to the left.

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The Meditation Program

One of the best brainwave tools. Eight levels take you from Alpha brainwaves 8 to 14 hertz) right through to Delta (under 4 hertz).

Note: If you get the MP3 downloads (CDs are available too) there's a "Registration Backup Service," which replaces lost files for up to a year. I skipped this extra expense and just put extra copies in my computer and on CDs. Either way, this is a great product, and you can try them out for up to a year and still get a refund if you don't like them. - Steve

Use this link to learn more or to buy the program:

The Meditation Program


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