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100 Ways to Increase Your Mind Power

"My mind feels great. Everything I've learned so far is a step in the right direction." - Jay J

Imagine finding the solutions to your problems while you are driving or just relaxing at home. Would you like to have the mind power to easily solve personal problems and business problems, or to invent new things and be more creative? Maybe you've tried a problem solving technique or two, or you've found a meditation that helps clear your mind. Why not continue that progress with the valuable tools you'll find in
100 Ways To Increase Your Mind Power?

(There are now about 150 ways, but I didn't want to change the title. - Steve)

Would it feel good if people came to you when they needed a sharp mind to help them?

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Would you like to know how to quickly rev up your brainpower? That is covered in Part One, "Instant Mind Power Helpers." You'll learn how proper breathing can immediately help your mind work better. The very first of the 100 ways is a simple mental exercise that can clear your mind in just minutes and give you the power to concentrate.

In Part Two, "Mind Power Through Brain Training," you'll learn ways to change your brain for the better. Use these techniques to create new habits, and you'll have a much more powerful mind. Number 44 will explain why you shouldn't always take advice from successful people, and what you should do instead.

Part Three, "Foods, Drinks And Supplements," will clue you in to what you should eat to nourish your brain. Number 120, for example, will explain why sugar is so bad for your brain, and number 86 is a list of more than two dozen foods that are good for your brainpower. If you have heard that red wine can be good for your mind, you'll want to read number 92 to see just how much you should drink.

Part Four is for all the "Other Mind Power Boosters." Number 121 is about "dead time," or time that is wasted. This includes the 200 hours per year that the average person spends in a car going to and from work. You'll learn how to use that time to increase your mind power.

Some of what you'll get when you buy the book:

How should you position your body for maximum brain power? See # 7.

Which music was shown to increase the IQ scores of listeners? See # 8.

How much exercise do you need to boost your brain function? See # 11.

Can too much logic reduce your mind power? See # 124.

You can see the value in information like this. I've revealed some of it in bits and pieces, through websites, articles, courses and newsletters. Here's what people have said about those:

I love your web site! It has been a big help. - David S

I liked your article 'clear thinking'. This is fabulous. - Surya M

I very much enjoy reading your brain power newsletter and the book." - Annie

I find myself more aware... Thank you for this course. - Nancy Parker

I am deeply grateful... - Forwah E

The information in the book is concise and to-the-point. It may just be the most information-packed little book you have read. No fluff here. It only takes a paragraph to list the ten foods that are bad for your brain (# 115) or a few paragraphs to introduce you to a simple and effective memory technique (# 55).

Blueberry-Eating Rats?

Go ahead and order the book. You have nothing to lose, and a more powerful mind to gain. Look it over and learn a few things, or take time to try each technique. However you want to use this information, if it isn't right for you, just drop me an e-mail within eight weeks and I'll give you a refund. In other words, there is no risk. Anyhow, don't you want to read about the rats which reversed their age-related mental decline by eating blueberries? That's number 106, and you'll learn how much they ate in human terms.


You'll learn how to:

Stop the mind-draining effects of worrying.

Eat the nuts that are best for your brain.

Use brainwave entrainment technologies that really work.

Use periodic reviews for better memorization.

Sniff essential oils that wake up your brain.

Take off your shoes for more effective brainstorming.

Avoid arguments that reduce your mind power.

Live longer by stimulating your curiosity.

And much, much more!

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