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The following are designed as simple brain exercises that anyone can do, many of them without much time commitment. For a definition of neurobic exercises, and more examples, see the page "Neurobics." (this page is really just a continuation). You'll also find guidelines for inventing your own exercises there.

Television Fun

This one is not only fun, but good for stimulating creativity. You simply turn the volume off on television and invent the dialog based on what you see the characters doing. If you do this with a friend you can each play various roles. Most shows become comedies when doing this.

Read a New Magazine

Find a magazine you normally wouldn't choose, and read it for a while. It should be a topic that you don't know much about. If you normally read about money-related topics, you might pick up a fishing magazine. As you read, relate what you are reading and learning to what you already know. This is another good creativity booster. It gets you out of your usual thinking patterns.

Shop in New Places

Try a new store when you go shopping. It could be a new grocery store, just so you have to think to find your way around. It could also be a different kind of store that you would normally never visit (that would be a jewelry or clothing store for me).

More Involved Neurobic Exercises

Have a Half-Speed Day

Try this one on a day when you aren't going to work. The idea is to move at half your normal speed (if you are normally slow, you may want to try a double-speed day). This obviously requires concentration. You will become much more aware of actions that normally are mostly unconscious, such as brushing your teeth or sitting down.

Learn Sign Language

Learning to talk with you hands definitely "involves one or more of your senses in a new context" (one of the rules of good neurobic exercises). If time is limited, you can learn just the basics, like how to say hello, tell someone your name, and spell out words. In larger cities, some deaf people sell a small pamphlet that teaches these basics.

New Recreation

If you normally go to the city on the weekend, go camping instead. If you are normally an outdoor person on weekends, take a visit to the city for a change. In either case, find a way to make it interesting for you.


Gardening, especially if you haven't been doing it regularly, meets all three criteria for a good neurobic exercise (see the page "Neurobics for the criteria). If you don't have the space for a garden outdoors, you can start a small herb garden in pots.

For more neuobics and an explanation of these simple brain exercises, visit the page, Neurobics.

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