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Here are several more problem-solving techniques for everything from dealing with personal issues to creating new business ideas. To begin with, don't forget the public library. Relationship problems, health problems and others are all covered by a book somewhere. It's getting easier now too, due to the easy-to-use computer indexes that many libraries have. If, however, you want a more creative way to solve problems, without leaving home, try one of the following techniques.

Assume the Absurd

One technique used to solve problems involves "assuming the absurd." Putting a store in the home of the consumer was an absurd idea at one time, but isn't that what television shopping networks and internet stores do? What at first may seem crazy can solve your problems or lead to other ideas that do so. Backpackers get tired of carrying heavy packs, and one had the "crazy" idea, "What if backpacks had wheels?" It is for sale right now (the "Wheelpacker"). It can handle most rough trails with its modified bicycle wheel.

The idea is to pick a few absurd solutions or ideas related to the problem at hand. Then you work with them for a few minutes to see what comes to mind. If "assuming the absurd" is difficult, start by "assuming the opposite." Need to lower expenses? Assume you need to raise them instead. Find a way to make sense of that, and you are on your way to creative problem-solving.

Solve Problems by Causing Them

Another way to solve problems is by asking how you can cause them. This can be a good technique for personal problems. Too much stress? Think of the most effective ways to cause more stress. Hmm...promise too much, don't sleep enough, be constantly interrupted, leave many decisions hanging there unresolved, and so on. Each of these ways to cause stress can possibly show you something about how to reduce it: Make fewer promises, sleep more, don't allow too many interruptions, make a bunch of small decisions now, to get them off your mind, and so on.

Need more customers? How can you scare them away? The point is that if you only look at the problem from the perspective of "how do I solve it?" you tend to see only solutions based on your hidden assumptions. If, for example, you are assuming that your stress is simply due to having too many things to do, you may miss many possible solutions. So looking at how to cause a problem can show you more ways to solve problems.

More Ways to Solve Problems

Don't forget the internet. Go to Google or another search engine and try a search using any terms related to your problem. See what comes up. If your problem is business-related, find a business similar to yours that has a website. Is there any information there that indicates how they solve similar problems?

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