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Ten Word Riddles

These are almost all word-based riddles, but there are a few that are more like logic puzzles. Enjoy! (The answers follow the riddles.)

1. What is the only word in the English language that ends in mt?

2. What do a racecar and kayak have in common?

3. A man drove from Detroit to Chicago, leaving at 8 in the morning. The next day he leaves Chicago at 8 and drives the same highway back to Detroit. If his speed varies, will there be any spot along the route that he passes at exactly the same time each day?

4. When is this sentence true: There are eleven letters in the alphabet.

5. A boy has a peculiar quirk; he repeats everything he hears. However, when his father said dinner was at six, the boy said nothing. Why?

6. This is the only type of cheese that is made backwards. What kind is it?

7. If I tell you "Everything I say to you will be a lie," is it possible to determine if I am lying or telling the truth?

8. Bill is drinking water. Alan is drinking tea. There are only these two drinks available. When Julie joins them, she wants something to drink too, and sees that there are just two choices. Does Julie drink water or tea?

9. Almost everyone needs it, and yet almost nobody takes it, even when it is available. What is it?

10. A woman was born in 1960. She is alive and well today, but is only 25 years old. How is this possible?






Solutions to the Word Riddles:

1. Dreamt.

2. They are both spelled the same forward and backward.

3. There has to be. To see it clearly, imagine two men driving the route on the same day, one leaving Detroit at 8 and the other leaving Chicago at 8. They have to pass each other at some point, and they'll be there at the same time.

4. When "the alphabet" is in quotation marks. (count the letters)

5. Obviously he didn't hear him.

6. Edam (it spells "made" backwards).

7. Yes, I have to be lying, because if I were not, my statement would be true, meaning it would have to be a lie, thus becoming a paradox. However, I can be lying about some things, and this is one of them.

8. Yes.

9. Advice.

10. She was born in room 1960 25 years ago.

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